UK Real Money Online Casinos

The online casino industry changes so frequently that even experienced players need occasional updates on the state of internet gaming. Even when you play at the biggest UK casinos that are listed on the London Stock Exchange, these famous casinos change their promotions, signup bonuses, payouts, and even games menu every so often. Even those English real money casinos everyone’s heard about update their software periodically. Just keeping up with these changes requires an online gambler to check with gambling news sites for updates and revisions.

Internet Casino Gamblers

New Internet casino gamblers are going to need a primer on which casino operators are the big, reputable casinos. In the United Kingdom, many of the biggest online casinos for money are associated with a brick-and-mortar variation. If you’re familiar with live casino gaming, you’ll know a number of the casinos, poker rooms, and bookmakers. If not, I’ll make you familiar with the casinos you must know about.

Along the lines, I’ll talk about a number of casinos, such as William Hill Casino, Win Palace, Spin Palace, Royal Vegas, and Ruby Palace Casino. I’ll also discuss some of the lesser known gems among the UK-based online casinos. Occasionally, I might even mention a casino to avoid.

United Kingdom Casinos – Licensed in Gibraltar

That’s not going to happen too often, though. One good thing about playing in casinos based in the United Kingdom is the regulatory authorities which assure games are fair. United Kingdom online casinos are legal, but they are heavily regulated. Because of industry standards organizations like eCogra and the regulatory authorities like the gaming commission in Gibraltar and the FSA in the United Kingdom, you’ll find that most English casinos which stay online for a time are legitimate.

Beside, I don’t want to advertise bad casinos; I’d prefer to highlight the ones that you can enjoy. So most of the casinos this site covers are going to be e-casinos it can recommend in good conscience.

Online Casino Reviews

Most gambling review sites discuss the same factors: software, games available, the signup or welcome bonus, tournaments, and player incentives. Most casinos offer promotional incentives for more frequent play and/or deposits in the form of comps, rebates, and their VIP club. I’ll discuss all of these, though this website is going to try to offer an enjoyable reader experience. Many casino review sites sound like a repetition of the same cliches, so I’m going to try to sound different. Where I present similar information, I want to present more and better information. If I don’t give more data, I’ll give reasons for my opinions. I want gamblers who “walk into” these casinos to feel like they’re prepared.

Real Money Internet Gambling

You should know that any UK casino online is going to have free versions of most games. One way to attract customers is to offer no-cost casino games and hope the visitor enjoys enough to deposit money into a player’s account. Another reason these exist is because some jurisdictions make a legal distinction between sites which offer games only for money or those which give the free option. For several reasons, it’s best to offer free versions of a game.

Types of Online Casino Gamblers

One online casino for real money isn’t going to be the right fit for every gambler. Some people prefer simulations of popular casino games like blackjack and craps. These people want a virtual experience as close to live blackjack or live craps as possible. The person looking for live blackjack may be looking for the video blackjack dealers on casinos that are set up to offer video streams of live blackjack sessions with real dealers. Someone looking for a web experience similar to live craps might want the best instant messaging technology or the ability to see the face of the other gamblers at the table. Craps is a such a social game that some Internet craps games just don’t do it for a craps fanatic.

On the other hand, some gamblers want to explore the web environment not because it simulates the live casino experience, but because it surpasses that experience in some way. These people might want to play the latest or most exotic casino games available, which might not be available at any live casinos they have ready access to. This person might be interested in a widening gaming experience, the way someone with exotic food tastes goes on vacation and wants to sample all sorts of cuisine they won’t get in their local city.

UK Casinos with Best Signup Bonuses

Others aren’t interested so much in the game experience as they are in the advantages they receive from one casino or another. This type of casino player wants to find the online casinos with the best signup bonuses, sometimes referred to as initial or welcome bonuses. Getting the largest bonus or finding the bonus with the smallest play-through requirements might be what’s important to this gambler. For these people, I’ll offer an article on the best signup bonuses among UK casinos.

UK Casinos with the Best Payout Percentages

Some online casino gamblers don’t put much stock in the welcome bonuses. They might have been burned by enough casinos with unrealistic wagering requirements and have decided no casinos offer good signup incentives. Instead, they want to learn about the casinos which offer the best payout percentages. These gamblers are going to be searching for the online casino games that offer the lowest house edge. They tend to be people who enjoy video poker or blackjack or another insiders game. For these people, I’ll post a discussion of the best payout percentages among United Kingdom casinos.

This thinking can be taken even further, though. If you’ve played the fruit machines or slot machines at a live casino, you’ve probably joined a slots club. These clubs offer comps, rebates, and other incentives for volume play. Every time you hit the play buttons on a slot machine or video poker machine, you get the casino version of frequent flier miles. Play enough and you get money back, free meals, free hotel rooms, or any of a dozen other rewards. Most online casinos don’t have a slots club, but they have something even better: VIP rewards.

UK Casinos with the Best Rewards

VIP clubs and rewards points give you rebates and incentives, except when you play just about any game in an online casino. Because every transaction is tracked for money purposes, it’s easy to keep track of these and reward you for high-volume play. So the more you play, the more freerolls, gifts, prizes, and other comps you receive. Freeroll tournaments themselves are enough to convince some people to shift their allegiance to a new casino.

Since the money you receive from vip rewards translates to real money, this should be factored into someone who wants the best payout percentages. Get a casino which offers solid blackjack software and the best video poker games combined with a good comps program and you’ll be playing at something quite close to even-money. You can imagine all the gamblers who make this their priority, so I’ll discuss VIP reward programs a lot, too.

UK Internet Casinos

Online gamblers have so many other reasons they might choose one casino over another, including deposit and withdrawal options, no-download casino play, or simply the best selection of fruit machines. Some want to use e-wallets, while others prefer those which accept major credit cards. The online casino industry has so many factors that this site isn’t going to be covering all the material for some time, even if it’s trying to focus only on those casinos from the United Kingdom. Hopefully, those who’ve read this far will proceed on to the other articles and profit from the information contained within.