Casino Games with Best Odds

The consistent answer to the question “Which real money casino games on the Internet offer the best odds ?” is going to be blackjack and video poker. People who seek out casino games that pay out the best percentage are going to find those two games standing out above all others. I’ll discuss these and the other Internet casino games and draw some conclusions about which games you should be playing.

Blackjack Real Money Odds

Blackjack is a thinking-man’s game. That’s because it’s one of those casino table games where your decisions affect the outcome of the game. This doesn’t apply just to card counting and card counters.

Blackjack Is Beatable

When someone plays single-deck blackjack that lets you double after splitting, you’re playing at a +0.1% advantage with optimal play. Optimal play is defined as “close to perfect” as possible. No human can play perfectly hour-after-hour, or at least it’s pretty darned hard. If you play perfect or near-perfect, you can expect to win just over 100% of the money you wager.

Why Don’t Blackjack Players Get Rich?

You might ask why people don’t get rich playing blackjack. While you could expect a tiny advantage when playing under the best of circumstances, your margin of victory is so small that you would have to wager huge amounts of money to make a good living playing casino blackjack. Even with the odds weighted slightly in your favor, blackjack still carries the risk of ruin. The margins are so thin (essentially a 50-50 bet) that you could go broke betting on blackjack, if you don’t have a large bankroll. Anyone is going to have a smaller bankroll than the casino, so they’ll wait you out.

Blackjack therefore has several factors that make the game a challenge for a “professional blackjack player”: skill, risk, and bankroll limitations. Someone with $2,000 isn’t going to walk into a casino (or log into an online casino) and make a good living based on his blackjack skills. The odds are stacked against you in those circumstances.

Multi-Deck Blackjack Games

When you play blackjack with multiple decks, your odds of winning go down. Casinos started using multi-deck blackjack decks to foil card counters, but multiple decks make it harder on those using basic strategy, too. In a blackjack game where you’re only using one deck, a handful of face cards going out of the deck change your calculations significantly. Someone knowing what they’re doing can adjust their betting to account for the cards left in the deck. When additional decks are added in, this effect is watered down. So look for single deck and double-deck blackjack games.

Video Poker Real Money Odds

People who play the fruit machines or slot machines should consider playing video poker, instead. Many people play fruit machines because they want to go for the progressive jackpots and have a shot at the big money. Progressive video poker gives you the same option, but the house edge is much better in video poker.

Slot machines tend to have an expected return of between 93% and 95%. I’ve noticed the fruit machines in online casinos based in the UK tend to have an expected return around 95% to 96%, so you’re doing well so far as fruit machine action goes. But the video poker machines tend to have expected returns between 96% and 99%.

Casino Video Poker

In the old days (the 1990s), live video poker machines sometimes payed out at a +100% rate. That’s not going to be the case as much anymore, but you will find video poker machines with high 98% to 99% returns. When you combine that with a rewards program at an Internet casino or a slots club in a live casino, you edge close towards an even-money expected return.

Video Poker Strategy

One drawback to playing video poker instead of fruit machines is you actually have to think about strategy. Despite what some so-called slots experts or fruit machine tips sites claim, fruit machine strategy is non-existent. You hit a button and hope for the best. With video poker, you actually change your odds of winning with the decisions you make. You have to learn some video poker tips before you play.

That has a good side, though. One, video poker is based on the draw poker games you probably played in your house as a child. If you’ve ever played draw poker before, you probably already know most of the strategies that apply to video poker. Two, playing a game of skill means you have your fortune in your own hands, plus you’ll feel a lot better when you do win. Sure, video poker still has a huge luck factor to it, but the odds are much more in your favor than fruit machine gaming.

European Roulette versus American Roulette

Finally, if you play roulette at an Internet casino, always play European or French roulette instead of American roulette. All other things being equal, European roulette gives you better odds than American roulette–always. The American roulette wheel has a “00″ that the European game doesn’t have, which means the American wheel has an extra loser slot on every single spin of the roulette wheel.

Real Money Casino Games with the Best Odds

Choosing the real money casino games that give you the best payback odds does make a difference. The great thing about Internet casino gambling is that the answers to your strategy questions are a click away. So find out which games have better odds, go to the online casinos which offer the best payouts, and save that extra money for lunch.