China Palace Review

China Palace is located in Birmingham at 16 Hurst Street. It resides in a nondescript building with a blue awning and wood doors. Despite the front of the building the inside is alive with poker and other games. It is a typical poker club rather than casino like you might find at Isle of Capri. It means it is an intimate place where socialising is as part of the fun as playing the games available. They have a free membership allowing you to play as long as you are over 18. Hours of operation are 2pm to 6am Sunday through Friday, and Saturday 2pm to 4pm at the very least. According to the main website they are open late including the bar which is inside. There is seating spread throughout the club, as well as the gaming table seating. The entire casino has air conditioning for comfort while playing. TV sporting events are played in the bar for those who wish to conduct live sports betting on the games. China Palace Hurst Street is a Stanley Leisure Inc club.

China Palace Gaming Tables

China Palace Hurst Street offers a variety of games. Mahjong is available with 10 tables, which are the most tables of any game the casino has. China Palace has six slots, eight American Roulette, two blackjack, and two stud poker tables. They also have two regular poker tables. The name China Palace implies that they do cater more towards Chinese games, which Mahjong is.


China Palace Hurst Street provides a club atmosphere unlike Las Vegas casinos. Guests will be comfortable in the seating areas for socialising or around the tables because it is a relaxed atmosphere where the games are the centre of attention rather than huge numbers of slots intermixed with fifty tables. It is meant to be intimate and comfortable as a non membership casino and it does offer this to the guests.

Dining at China Palace

There is a bar inside the club for drinks and bar food. For those who want a larger meal or something more they will need to go outside of the club. According to the club there are several restaurants and bars in the area to make it easy to step out for a moment or two.


China Palace at Hurst Street is more like the Chinese clubs you might find around Beijing or Hong Kong in terms of games and intimacy. The club is a place to socialize, bet on sports, and play Mahjong or poker games. It is mostly a card gambling establishment, but there are six slots to keep all attendees content. The slots also give a break from other games like stud poker or poker. Although there are not too many tables the casino does have six games with at least 24 table games. The membership is free, making it easy to become a member as long as you are 18 years or older. An ID is needed for the first time. Smart casual is also the dress code.