Crockfords Poker Club

Crockfords is a traditional club that will take you back to the 1800s. During the 1800s, there were a few private clubs founded for London’s high society. Crockfords is one of these, having been founded by William Crockford in a town home located at 30 Curzon Street. The casino club first opened its doors in 1828. Crockford stated he wanted an elite, elegant club that diplomats, royalty, and aristocrats would want to visit. He certainly made this happen with the townhome. It is now a traditional yet splendid club for the elite. They offer discreet services both in gaming and business, such as their business lounge for travelers or locals who need a private location to conduct a bit of business. Food, wine, and VIP rooms are a part of the prestige Crockfords London Club provides.

Crockford Gaming Tables

The gaming tables are not as special as the ambiance and prestige of the club. Rather it is the fact that you can play baccarat at such a club or roulette with a bit of stud poker on the side if you wish. There are games like Punto Banco, blackjack and exclusive high stakes poker in the VIP room too.

Ambience at Crockfords

Think splendour, discretion, and elegance to get a slight picture of what Crockfords Club has to offer. The man may be gone now, but his heritage is still remaining over a hundred years later. In just 16 years it will be two hundred years since this wonderful club was opened. The main décor is a mixture of gold, black, brown, and green. Wood was definitely an important part of the décor with wood reception desk, tables, and walls. This adds to the light strings hanging down some of the walls, the sconces in other rooms, and the elegant fireplace warming the guests. If you had to use one word to describe this elite club it would be stately.


Dining is like everything else in this club meaning you have fine Italian cuisine with some of the best wine vintages on the menu. The bar and restaurant is complete with white table-clothed settings and exclusive Crockfords dinnerware.


Playing at Crockfords Club requires 1000 pounds for the membership dues. The process only takes 24 hours once the application is in, but the membership committee will ultimately decide. Usually it is based on those already playing in the club offering a referral or high profile individuals that the club scouts. The dress code for this location is definitely snazzy as you can certainly think of it like the James Bond casinos where Tuxedos and formal dresses are required. It is possible to wear a nice business suit too. This club is open 24 hours a day to serve their prestigious clients. Whether you want to use the business lounge, the VIP room for private games, or just play a round and socialise with a drink in your hand Crockfords Casino Club has everything you could want to rub elbows with officials and celebrities.