UK Casinos With Best Customer Service

Choosing the best online casino customer service for you may depend on which form of communication you prefer. Some Internet casinos of the United Kingdom have stronger instant messaging capabilities. Others answer emails or the telephone quicker. While most of the big brand name casinos offer 24/7 support staffs, that’s not always the case.

Customer Support Issues

All customer support isn’t the same. If two casinos have a 10-member support staff to answer calls and emails, but one casino has 100,000 customers a month and the other has 200,000 customers a month, then the first casino is providing twice the support.

I suppose that equation might change if one of the casinos has much better casino gaming software. Since UK casinos tend to have pretty standardized computer software support, that’s usually not a factor. Most English casinos use Microgaming, Playtech, or Cryptologic software–three excellent products.

32Red Casino Customer Service

32Red Casino is one of the juggernauts of the UK casino industry. The instant chat used by the 32 Red Casino customer service is first-rate. Those in the United Kingdom also receive toll-free phone numbers if you prefer phone calls. Email questions are available for specific types of questions, with accounting questions, game-related questions, and general queries.

Genting Casino Support Staff

The Genting Casino offers their own live chat option, though it’s only available from 4pm to 2am Greenwich Mean Time. Otherwise, you’ll need to contact customer assistance using your phone or email address. This support is offered 24/7.

Ladbrokes Casino Customer Support

Ladbrokes Casino allows email contacts and telephone support. Gamblers from the UK receive their own support number. Players are advised to search through the self-help FAQ section, so I would list Ladbrokes customer service a step below others on this list.

BetFair Casino FAQ and Support

Betfair Casino has an all-English customer support staff, which is a major improvement over many of the UK casinos. This support is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Betfair Casino also directs people to use their frequently asked Q&A section, but this FAQ has an internal search engine to help you find the right information you need. The Betfair Casino has a nice suite of phones and fax numbers for players in the United Kingdom. Email queries are also allowed.

Mr Green Casino Service Support

Mr Green Casino isn’t a casino operator you’ll hear about often, but they have a nice localized customer support option for every country they service. Mr. Green Casino is a 24 hour, 7 day a week support process. Your only option for contact are via telephone and email.

William Hill Casino Support

William Hill Casino has 24/7 support and they actively encourage questions on their website, which supports fax, email, and phone questions. A process is in-place which requires a little effort on your part to use the chat functions, though.

When you want to chat with William Hill support, you’ll need to download special software. Then you’ll need to register an account for support. Finally, enter the lobby, click on “online support” and start chatting. UK gamblers can use the toll-free number at 0800-066-4508, while international players need to use the +44-203-393-6695 number. The email address is [email protected]

Ruby Fortune Casino Support

Ruby Fortune Casino has 24/7 support and has toll free numbers, chat support, email support, and a large frequently-asked-question section. RubyFortune Casino has toll free nubmers of the UK, Australia, Canada, and the rest of the world. The United Kingdom free number is 0-800-328-7749, while the Australian number is 1-800-76-9359. If you have questions and you live in Canada, call 1-800-768-1965. If you live anywhere else in the world and you need support from Ruby Palace’s staff, dial +44-800-328-7749. People anywhere in the world can contain the Ruby Fortune email support at [email protected]

Spin Palace Casino Support

Spin Palace Casino isn’t based in England, but it’s owned by the same people who own Ruby Fortune Casino. Therefore, their email support, chat support, toll free number services, and FAQ are quite similar. For instance, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia each get their own toll free customer support number, while the rest of the world is handled through a fourth toll free number. The free number for the United Kingdom is 0-800-731-2801, while the Canadian toll free number is 1-877-710-8016. If you’re Australian and you want to call Spin Palace Casino for free, dial 1-800-76-9359. Any other gambler in the world should call +44-800-731-2801 for toll-free support at the Spin Palace Casino.

Royal Vegas Casino Support

Royal Vegas Casino has 30 different support numbers, one for 30 different countries and cities throughout the world. The English-language numbers are for the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. The French-language numbers are for Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland, while the German numbers are for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium. The Spanish numbers provided are for Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile. You can talk to Italians-speaking support staff in Italy and Switzerland. If you speak Greek, you can call from Greece or Cyprus. Portuguese-speaking customers can call from Portugal and Brazil, while Dutch speakers can call from Belgium or the Netherlands. That may be the most coverage I’ve seen the Swiss and Belgians get from a UK casino. Besides the many customer support numbers, you’ll be able to send an email or chat live.

Win Palace Casino Support

Those who play at Win Palace Casino get 24/7 “customer care” support, along with live chat options and a toll free phone support. The UK freephone support is 000-823-436-19, while the toll free number for the USA is 1-888-8350-9940. Yes, that’s right–Americans are allowed to play at Win Palace Casino.

10 UK Online Casinos and Their Customer Support

That’s a review of 10 leading online casinos in the United Kingdom from a customer support perspective. I’ve tried to mix in a few casinos I hadn’t covered yet, though I wanted people to know about some of the better UK casinos I’ve encountered while gaming. This provides a good cross-section of online British casino customer support set-ups, so you have something to compare your own gaming experiences against.