UK No-Download Online Casinos

“No download UK casinos” don’t require downloading casino software onto your personal computer, laptop, or computer tablet. An online gambler could have any number of reasons why they don’t want casino software on their hard drive. Lucky for them, most British casino websites make it so players don’t have to download the programs needed to run the casino on your computer. Instead, you can play in the browser and close them out when it’s time to finish. This makes your gaming sessions more self-contained and private.

Why No Software Downloads?

Some people don’t like downloading anything onto their PC. If you have a horror of viruses, malware, spyware, and tracking cookies, you might prefer to play games using a java applet or other method of browser-based gaming. A person with an older or slower computer might not want to load down their computer or laptop with a lot of applications and software packages. Good casino software can take up space you might prefer for other activities.

Security and Casino Downloads

Concerns about people online or their computer’s limitations aren’t the only reasons you might want to keep your games self-contained. Imagine that you share your computer with other people in your household. Maybe you don’t want to have an easy pathway to your casino website accounts, to keep children, wives, or other family members accessing your money accounts. So avoiding an Internet casino icon on your desktop is a good way to maintain security around your house. Other reasons spring from this idea.

Privacy and Casino Downloads

Security isn’t the only concern. You might want to protect your privacy. Maybe you don’t want other people to know that you gamble online. That isn’t to say you have a reason to keep it secret or you have anything to be ashamed about. It’s just that people might judge you for enjoying a good gamble on blackjack, roulette, or the fruit machines. Maybe you’d just as soon not have someone walking into your den, seeing an open computer notebook or flashing monitor, and naturally assuming you’re one of those immoral souls who enjoy betting on things. It goes without saying that some parents might not want their children to know about their gambling, without them having the maturity and perspective to understand it’s only a hobby.

UK Casino Software Hassles

Or maybe you enjoy sampling online casinos and you want to play at a bunch of different sites before choosing one particular favorite. In this case, you might not want to download a dozen different casino software products, so you’d prefer to check out the games in the browser. Whether it’s one of these reasons–or another–most English online casinos and the software providers they use try to cater to your wishes. Most online casino operators give you the option to play in the browser. Here are a few of my favorites which do so.

William Hill Casino

William Hill PLC owns 13 different online casinos, but this is the flagship site for one of the biggest casino properties in the United Kingdom. In the case of the official William Hill Casino site, you either can download casino software to play or place a wager without a download.

Ruby Fortune Casino

Ruby Fortune Casino gives you the option of the full download of their downloadable casino software or the ability to play without the download. The non-downloaded game plays in your browsers. In this style of gaming, the graphics and sound quality might not be as good as they are in the fully downloaded version. If that isn’t important to you, then you can stream games without loading your computer down with new programs.

Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas Casino doesn’t require a download to play. If you want to play the live casino games at the Royal Vegas Casino, I suggest you go ahead and download the software. Sound and graphic quality is going to be enhanced when you play with the downloaded software made specifically for gaming. You also might experience some slow-down on the multi-player roulette games, where you can see what the other players are betting in real time. That being said, times are measured in fractions of seconds.

Spin Palace Casino

Spin Palace is a member of the Palace Group of online gambling sites. I’ve talked about the SpinPalace signup bonuses and other their game selection, but I’ve never talked about whether they allow people to gamble without their software. Most casinos that use Microgaming Software have that ability. That’s one reason people seek out the casinos with more established software platforms, because it gives them all the industry standards.

Win Palace Casino

Win Palace Casino uses RTG software, which is another of the Big Five casino software companies. While Win-Palace isn’t based in the UK, it’s primary language is English and the company has the seal of approval by the eCOGRA people based out of England. The Euro and the British pound are payment options, while most credit cards active in the British Isles should work.

Ladbrokes Casino

Ladbrokes Casino is one of the two or three largest online casino establishments in the UK. That has its upside and its downside. For one thing, Ladbrokes has uses a number of different casino software packages. While you’ll be able to play most games without the download, you might find a few of the games that aren’t available. Still, Ladbrokes and its many permutations are an English institution and it maintains industry standards at all times. Ladbrokes is a trusted name in online gaming.


888 Casino is another of the major casino firms out of England. 888casino carries its own dizzying array of software packages, though most of these are for phone apps and whatnot. It goes without saying that any casino game software downloaded as a cellphone application is going to have to be downloaded. The Cryptologic software which powers most 888-Casino software can be played in the browser, though.