Golden Riviera Launches Online Casino for Real Money on Facebook

Since the introduction of the globally renowned social network, Facebook, five years ago, it has become increasingly obvious that social sites are the way to gather the highest number of members into a single region of cyberspace. The online gambling industry has been researching this very topic for years now, and has finally been able to conjoin the two as UK-licensed Golden Riviera Casino announces the integration of its internet gambling platform into Facebook.

Members who already play at the Golden Riviera online casino for real money can now visit the operator’s Facebook Fan Page and place wagers directly from the social networking site.

The online gambling portal incorporated the ability to place real bets within the social network in mid-June, 2012. One week after the launch, a press release announced, “The Golden Riviera Casino has seen thousands of visits to its in-line casino platform with positive remarks from many players. The evolution seems to be very well received.”

The Head Strategist for Golden Riviera Casino, Max Stern, commented, “We decided to reach out to players where they are most comfortable online,” referring, of course, to the multi-billion user social network, Facebook. Stern went on to say, “It’s the same Golden Riviera Casino that we all know and love, now it’s just closer to home. Players can check on their news feed, update their profiles and play their favourite casino game. It’s the ultimate way to unwind.”

The only recognizable difference between the domain version of Golden Riviera Casino and the new social version is that it is located within the virtual boundaries of Facebook. Players will find the exact same abundance of online slots, video poker machines, table games and more as the original online casino site, provided on the exact same system platform.

To access the Golden Riviera Online Casino on Facebook, users can visit www.Facebook.com/GoldenRivieraCasino and click the “Play Now” button provided. Players may then choose to download the software – the same download offered at www.GoldenRivieraCasino.com – or play instantly on Facebook via the online casino’s instant Flash technology.

Players can participate in the Flash casino games directly on Facebook, but they must register a new account or login to an existing account first. Doing so grants access to the free practice play casino as well as the option to play all games in the online casino for real money.

In a recent report by Gamasutra.com, it was recognized that social gaming, while enormously popular, has not been able to instigate the revenue most iOS app developers had hoped for. According to the report, “Less than 30% of mobile users ever pay for an in-app purchase. This has contributed to a staggering 60% of developers that never break even on the iOS app store.”

Recent statistics show that casino-style social games have taken over in the last year, beating out farming-style games by leaps and bounds. The real money online casino industry has also shown an incredible growth rate over that same period of time. Put two and two together and Golden Riviera Casino may have stumbled onto the next generation of online casino real money gaming.