Casino Strategies

Casino strategy tips for UK gamblers aren’t always going to deviate from other casino players around the globe. That being said, I want to give advice specific to online casinos in the United Kingdom. Every country has its own unique gambling traditions and payment methods, so English players can learn how to get the most out of their gaming experience. Hoarding your gambling resources is about finding good offers, searching for the best payouts, and experiencing an Internet game as close to live casino gambling as possible.

No Deposit Bonuses

In my survey of UK online casinos, I’ve learned that everyone tries to draw in new customers with a “no deposit bonus”. That makes a lot of sense, because Internet gamblers want to shop around and find the best deal. Free is always the best deal, so finding a casino that gives you something for free without having to make a deposit is always a good idea. You get to play for real money without risking your own bankroll.

The problem for casino managers is to find a no-deposit bonus system that won’t bankrupt your company. As a result, most of these promotions tend either to offer a little bit of free money or to offer a lot of free money for a short period of time. The Ruby Fortune Casino offers a £750 bonus, but you only get one hour to wager that money. At the end of the hour, you get to keep the money you won–but not the money you were given in the first place. If you don’t win anything, you get to keep £25. That’s a good deal anyway you look at it, since it’s free 25 pounds without depositing any money.

British Pound Bonuses – Take the UK £

I see UK casinos all the time that offer people the choice of taking a bonus using the UK pound, the Euro, or the American dollar. When presented with the option and all things equal, always take the British pound. When I say “all things are equal”, I mean you’re offered the same number of pounds as either of those other two currencies. If you see £100, $100, or €100. It’s absolutely crazy that anyone would take anything but the British pound in these circumstances, since you’re getting paid more money when you get an equal number of pounds. Always check the exchange rate to see if this advice still applies, but it looks like this tip should apply for some time to come.

Play Video Poker over Fruit Machines

If your idea of fun is low-impact, solitary gambling while hoping for a big jackpot, then play video poker instead of the fruit machines. Video poker pays out at a much better rate than slot machines. If you prefer progressive jackpots, simply find the fruit machine with a similar progressive jackpot to the one you’re playing right now. Video poker also has progressive jackpots, but you’re more likely to win money on video poker machines.

Paypal at UK Casinos

If you want to use Paypal at a British casino, you’ll need to play at William Hill Online Casino, Betfred Casino, Ladbrokes Casino, 21 Nova, and Euro Grand Casino. European gamblers and other online players spread around the globe sometimes have the option to use Paypal through the William Hill Online Casino, including players in Australia, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Findland, Austria, and Greece.

Use Any Comps You Get

This should be common sense, but casinos retain millions a year because people don’t use all the rewards and incentives they’re offered. If you’re given access to free stuff, use it. If you’re given entry into a freeroll, enter the freeroll and see what happens. VIP rewards should be used to lower the house edge online casinos have. Continuing customer promotions should be looked at like members of a slots club look at the comps they receive–a way to get more out of their casino dollar (or pound).

Live Casino Games Exist Online

It might sound paradoxical to say live casinos exist on the Internet, but it’s not. Through the use of video streaming and real-life human casino dealers being filmed out there in the world somewhere, you don’t have to play using simulated casino tables. A dealer deals you cards and you see every move they make. These days, the Internet casino replicates everything you’ll find at a live casino–except maybe the wafts of cigarette smoke coming from the vicinity of the fruit machines.

Use Web Wallets for Bonus Money

Some English casinos offer incentives for people using certain payment methods. The Royal Vegas Casino offers an additional 10% deposit bonus if you use their web wallets or e-wallets such as NETELLER, Skrill or Moneybookers, and Entropay. If you find bargains like this and you already use an electronic payment service, make certain you use that payment method when special incentives are offered.

When in Doubt, Play Blackjack

Anytime you don’t know which casino table game to play, just play blackjack. If you don’t have a gaming preference, play blackjack at an online casino. This suggestion comes from the house edge offered by traditional blackjack. When you use basic strategy at the blackjack table and you can double after splitting, blackjack pays out at over 99%. No other online casino game except some video poker games offer such good odds. Of every £100 you wager, you can expect to see 99 of those UK pounds put back in your hands. You might lose all £100 or you might win £100, but the averages say 99% of the money you bet ends up in your casino bankroll again.

English Casino Tactics for New Players

Some of the casino strategy tips I gave for UK gamblers are useful for players in any online casino around the globe. Good advice is good advice, though, wherever you choose to play. Besides, a number of the English casino gamblers I know like to try out casinos outside the British Isles, too.