UK Online Casino Announces Plans for 3D Gaming Environment

One of the UK’s oldest a foremost online casino companies, Gaming Club, has announced intentions to take its internet gaming platform to the next level – 3D! The online gambling industry has always been highly competitive, utilizing the espousal of the latest technologies to attract more players. We’ve gone from land-based gambling, to online gambling, to live online casino games; a three-dimensional world is the inevitable future of internet gambling.

Back in the day, the ability to watch a blockbuster hit at the local movie theater in 3D was a rare and exhilarating opportunity. However, the cost of producing anything in 3D was astronomical. In more recent years, the cost factor was still an issue, but the popularity of 3D films in the cinema has grown exponentially. Disney has released a multitude of 3D films as of late and their success has been phenomenal, not only bringing in big bucks at the box office, but helping to lower the cost of 3D-based production.

As the world’s populace becomes more accustomed to the advanced world of 3-dimensional visibility, more and more companies are looking for ways to implement the use of 3D technology. Gaming Club is no different, and industry experts are estimating that a lot of online gambling operators are going to be following in the UK-based online casino’s footsteps.

Internet gaming sites have already paved the way by introducing slot machines with 3D graphics, akin to that of today’s leading video game consoles. By increasing the graphic quality to a fully 3-dimensional display, one that would likely require special 3D glasses, Gaming Club hopes to corner the market by attracting a majority of the UK’s online casino player base.

Another option for 3D gaming sites would be to use the most advanced technologies to produce 3D quality graphics that do not require special glasses; case in point, the latest hand-held introduction from Nintendo, the 3DS, which utilizes a parallax barrier.

Don’t get too excited about the idea of autostereoscopic technologies coming to online gambling sites any time in the near future. According to a survey of the gaming community, 60% of regular gamers are not opposed to the idea of wearing glasses to get the full 3D experience. The use of a parallax barrier would require the gamer to go out and purchase a 3D capable device (one that doesn’t require glasses).

Companies such as Gaming Club will need to observe their customer response to traditional 3D capabilities (those that utilize glasses) before opting to spend an exorbitant amount of money on technologies that may or may not reap a black profit margin in the long run.

Gaming Club has been innovating the online gambling market from its UK headquarters for 18 years now, one of the oldest leading online casino operations in existence, established in 1994. Powered by Microgaming, the gaming site currently features more than 400 graphically rich, real money gambling amusements that include slots, video poker, table games, bingo and poker, as well as a mobile gaming application.